US University FAQs

us-uni-faqsWhat is the difference between American College and University?

Answer: The American Colleges are divided into two types, one offers two-year post-secondary education and the other offers four-year undergraduate courses. The two-year colleges offer courses of higher education in the initial stage, students can obtain Associate Degree in Arts, Associate Degree in Science. Such kind of college is further divided into two categories; one is general education which is equivalent to the first two years of the four-year university. Any credits from the two-year college can be transferred to the four-year university. Colleges also have four-year undergraduate courses, but not so many graduate courses for selection; and the other category is vocational education which equips students for future employment in the community. Once students complete the study, they will engage in technical works and will not pursuit for any degree programmes. Four-year courses will be awarded the degree. American universities not only provide undergraduate courses, but also offer graduate and doctoral courses. The bachelour’s degree granted from the colleges and universities are equal.

What kinds of materials are required for U.S. universities applications?

Answer: Applications for the U.S. universities require completed application form, application fee, school academic reports, property proof, English scores, personal essay, letters of recommendation. However, different schools may have different requirements, it is best to have a comprehensive enquiry with school or consult with the education institutions or experts.

How to get information for school scholarships or financial aid?

Answer: You can send letters directly to the school administration office for inquiry, the local formal education counselling agencies or relevant authority publications, such as “The College Board’s International Student Handbook” or “Peterson’s Guide” , etc. In some areas of China, Cultural and Education Department of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate, or designated information agencies, also provide the above information. (Note: the Guangzhou Foreign Education Resource Centre library is specified as Education Information Center by the the U.S. States Department.)

Can I work during study in the United States?

Answer: In the U.S., many international students are actively involved in various work-study job. According to the U.S. law, international students can work on campus no more than 20 hours.

Is it possible to obtain loans in the United States to finish my studies?

Answer: As an international student, it is almost impossible to obtain loans from the U.S. banks. You had better to apply for loans in China in advance.

How do I obtain scholarships or grants?

Answer: The U.S. colleges or universities will usually grant scholarships to the students with special talents in specific areas or have outstanding academic performance. Successful students generally have excellent professional achievements, high scores of TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT, letters of recommendation from influential people, and so on. In realty, few international students can fully meet those requirements. However, as long as the right school to be chosen, a thorough understanding of the school’s requirements, along with the professional application procedures and skills, apply for scholarships is quite simple. Compare to the scholarships, the bursary application is much more complicated. It is mainly for students who urgently need funding to complete their studies. According to statistics, the opportunity for international undergraduate students to obtain bursary is very low.