University Bilingual Courses held at University of Cambridge/Oxford

Eastwest Education Group, based in Cambridge, together with professors and scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, is for the first time offering international cutting-edge courses in tailored professional disciplines to Chinese universities.

  • The objectives of this course are:
  • to introduce university students to international academic research directions and research results for national key disciplines through live online teaching by professors of Oxford University and Cambridge University
  • to strengthen the application ability of university students for English-medium courses
  • to cultivate the awareness, habits and methods of college students in relation to global academic standards and technological advances
  • to enhance international competitiveness, to help students keep up with the pace of the world’s cutting-edge development in the high-tech field
  • to cultivate world-class professional and technical talent and to speed up the process of Chinese universities’ integration with the world.

These courses will use a transnational bilingual education model through the cooperation with universities. The courses are taught partially, and then will be supplemented with English modules given by the University of Oxford and Cambridge University professors. The core classes taught by universities will be:

  • information technology
  • artificial intelligence
  • biomedical technology
  • new energy
  • new materials technology.

In addition to the 5%-10% courses commonly offered by selected universities, the increased participation of professors from the University of Oxford and Cambridge University will further accelerate the development of universities in the key disciplines for the benefit of Chinese students.

These courses which include the participation of the professors from the University of Oxford and Cambridge University not only enhance talent across the globe, but also provide strong support and help for students to enter the world talent market.

In light of the pandemic, all courses taught by professors from the University of Oxford and Cambridge University are delivered live online and the intellectual property of the courses is owned by those professors and Eastwest Education Group.

Provisional Teaching arrangements (for reference):
Professors from University of Oxford/Cambridge
DRs from University of Oxford/Cambridge with many years of experience in education, accompanied the

  • class as a tutor
  • one course every weekend
  • Teaching mode: Live online teaching.
  • Duration: 40 to 80 hours of live online classes.
  • Teaching time: one or two sessions per weekend, or one session per day during holidays. (exact time can be coordinated). No less than 2 hours each session.
  • Class size: No more than 40 students.

Programme Outcomes
• Academic report and certificate of attendance

We welcome universities to work with us to negotiate and develop course content, course standards and lecture plans.