annie-wright-school-sLocation: Washington
Type of School: Girls School
Date of Establishment: 1884
Grades: 9-12
Total Students: 430
Student–teacher Rate: 7:1
Number of Teachers: 125, 82% with Master’s Degree or above
ESL Course: Offered
Nearest International Airport: Seattle–Tacoma Airport (SEA)

About Annie Wright School

Established in 1884, the Annie Wright School is a private boarding school with an excellent cultural deposition, and one of the most famous Catholic girls schools in the U.S. It is 50 minutes’ drive to Seattle and Olympia, and about 35 minutes’ drive to Seattle-Tacoma. The campus covers an area of 10 acres, where students can overlook bays and enjoy beautiful scenery. It is an ideal place for girls to learn self-confidence, grow their intelligence and cultivate the potential to study.


Students in the school will be world leaders in the future. They will learn leadership characteristics such as civility and compassion. These activities are fostered in classes, like PE or Art, and students themselves take all leading posts in school leagues. The enrollment rate is 100 percent. The Annie Wright School provides outstanding education in Music and Art; English Language courses; innovative extra-curricular activities; comfortable accommodation conditions and a safe environment around the school. Students come from every corner of the world, are taught to how to adapt themselves to the environment against the background of multiple cultures, which is one of the key factors considered by the school.


Lots of school traditions have been kept up till now, and will be succeeded by future schoolfellows. Before leaving the school, every student will plant a tree to show appreciation for the education of the school.

Teaching and Sport Facilities

These include: The library (22,000 textbooks books and 1,200 reference books), Report Hall, Classroom, Science Lab, South Hall of classrooms, School Council, Dining-Room, Sports Stadium, Complex Sport Facilities, Theatre, Tennis Court, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Football Court and Lacrosse Court.


Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Visual Art, English Language, Maths, Sport, Science and Engineering, Social Study, Technology, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Students can select AP and honors courses (classes for AP courses are not in the school, however, students can participate in AP tests of some subjects). IB International Diploma courses and ESL courses are optional. ESL courses (primary and medium) are required for ESL students.


Each dormitory is equipped with an entertainment room and laundry room. Each room is unique, and students can arrange furniture as they like.


$39,000 (USD)