Overseas Volunteer Experience Camp

Camp Information:

  1. Period: 13 days.
  2. Date: January – December (every day)
  3. Age: 16 years old or over
  4. Deadline: 45 days before the camp start
  5. Price: Please contact us

The fee including:
A: Full board accommodation; General English courses; Return airport transfer in the UK; day excursion
B. One teacher or leader free for every 15 students;

What’s included in the fee?
A. Accommodation: Local Host family. Breakfast & Dinner at host family(with host family), Lunch will be pack lunch(Sandwich, Water or Juice, Fruit, Snack)
B. Lessons and Activities: Study at the top Universities and use the relevant facilities.
C. Tourism and Shopping: scenic sites and world-famous shopping villages arranged in the timetable
D. Transportation: Return airport transfer in the UK, Deluxe Bus & Bus Pass Card

Expenses exclude:
International Flight Tickets, tax invoices, visa fees, airport transportation in their own Country,
communication during the oversea period, tips and other personal consumption


  1. The course is arranged & taught by a professional teaching team with relevant qualifications in small groups;
  2. Invite top University students or professionals to give lectures in class;
  3. To understand the western culture, broaden the horizons, learn British English.
  4. In addition to the academic classes, skills-based workshops will develop the students’ presentation and leadership skills for the benefit of their future business goals.
    The programme will include a competitive element in which students will work as a group to research, design and market a new business idea.
  5. Deeply experience the British culture of freedom, equality, innovation and open competition;
  6. Overseas Volunteer service provides an excellent platform for young people to go deep into the British local culture, convey kindness and love, and enhance environmental awareness. Students can obtain the volunteer certificate. If they participate in government volunteer activities, they can also get a volunteer certificate from the council.
  7. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Download PDF with sample schedule below: