Camp Information:

  1. Period: two weeks
  2. Age: 12 & over 12 years old
  3. Deadline: 45 days before the camp start
  4. Price: Please contact us

The fee including:
A. Price of this trip: training fee, information fee, overseas airport pickup fee, entrance fee of
scenic spots, etc.
B. Tourism: places of interest and world famous shopping villages arranged in the schedule
C. Transportation fee: transfer from the airport to the accommodation, coach fee and Bus Pass
Card during the tour
D. accommodation: student apartment — during class: three meals in the school cafeteria; During
the tour: breakfast and dinner in the student restaurant, lunch for light meal (sandwiches, drinks,
fruits, snacks)

Expenses exclude:
International round-trip air ticket fee, invoice tax, passport fee, visa fee, student’s transportation
fee from different places to the departure airport, overseas communication fee, other personal
expenses, etc.

Course content
1) 30 periods of physical education leadership teaching
2) highly qualified staff
3) grouping by age and English ability (if possible)
4) average number of students in each class: 15
5) all teachers have extensive experience in physical education or business-related courses
6) certificate of completion

PS: sports leadership courses will provide valuable experience in communication skills, leadership
skills, public speaking and team building.
This course combines soccer-related seminars, lectures, and interactive classes. Students learn
important skills such as research, formal speaking, and negotiation that will benefit you as you
The programme USES football and innovative learning methods to inspire students who want to
become leaders in football or other fields.

Download PDF with the sample schedule below: