US University Application Conditions

application-conditionsThe United States is one of the world’s most education developed countries. The flexible admission system of American schools reflects by those admission systems for the various types of students.

Undergraduate Application Requirements

■ Language Requirements

The language requirements of American Universities are quite different, the Ivy League schools generally require a TOEFL score of above 600, other schools require TOEFL 580,550,500 respectively, students can be directly admitted to undergraduate courses if they meet the requirements. But if TOEFL score does not meet the above requirements, or no TOEFL score, students can be admitted to university language courses, and then begin a formal undergraduate study after the language test is passed. The language course length depends on student’s language ability.

■ In School Performance Requirements

Admission requirements and admission rates in the U.S. universities and colleges vary considerably. Because the U.S. education system emphasises on knowledge, it is very important to include the following subjects in high school: English, mathematics, natural sciences (physics, chemistry and / or biology), humanities or social sciences (history, geography, economics, political science or similar subjects) and a foreign language as well. Finally, U.S. universities do not usually accept international students at the age of less than 17 years old, some of these entry conditions are rigid, while some are flexible.

High school teachers and principals or other qualified people’s letter of recommendation is a material of synthesis and integration of student’s capacity. Although with a certain personal touch, the U.S. colleges and universities, especially universities attach great importance to this material. It is worth mentioning that not all high school graduates are able to get the principal’s letter of recommendation, only those students with good academic performance can get this letter. Besides, the principal’s letter of recommendation is very generally cautious and objective, if there is too much exaggeration, this principal’s letter of recommendation will lose its effectiveness forever. This fully reflects the fairness of the U.S. college admission and objectivity.

■ Other Conditions

For undergraduate students in the first year and second-year or graduated from post-secondary schools and wish to study graduate programmes need to provide high school and college transcripts, and reliable transfer or non-transfer plans to the school admission commission to conduct a comprehensive assessment. The language requirements are same as above.

Master’s and Doctoral Application Requirements

Applicants studying in the 4th year of undergraduate, have bachelor degree or above. According to different schools and professions, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT exams are needed.

■ High School Application Requirements

Language requirements:

American high school’s English admission condition is relatively relaxed to China’s students. General requirement of TOEFL is above 550. If the language score does not meet the language requirement or students haven’t taken the TOEFL exam, the school will require applicants to participate the school’s phone interview with the general admission committee. If accepted, students need to participate in the school enrollment of English proficiency test, and they will study different levels of ESL (English as a Second Language courses) according to the test scores. The study time vary from individual people and their English ability, about six months to a year.

In School Performance Requirements:

U.S. high school application requests three years in school performance of the applicant. For example, students studying in the 1st year of the senior high school, need to provide academic performance of that year and all 3 years of the junior high school. GPA need above 75-80%.