arkansas-state-university-sArkansas State University (also known as ASU, ASTATE or “state”) was founded in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1909 by the Arkansas Legislature as a regional agricultural training school. It is a public university and is the flagship campus of the Arkansas State University System. The university marked its centennial year in 2009. ASU by the Arkansas Legislature as a regional agricultural training school.

ASU is committed to teaching research and service which provides extensive education to help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills, decision-making ability and communication skills. In 1918, ASU began offering a two-year college programme. In 1925, it became First District Agricultural and Mechanical College. A four-year degree programme was begun in 1930. A & M College became Arkansas State College in 1933. In 1967, the Arkansas Legislature elevated the college to university status and changed the name to Arkansas State University. Master’s degree graduate programmes were initiated in 1955, and ASU began offering its first doctoral degree, in educational leadership, in the fall of 1992. A second doctoral programme, in environmental science, was begun in the fall of 1997, and the doctoral programme in heritage studies began in the fall of 2001.

ASU has over than 70 courses, in small class teaching which teacher-student ratio is 1:19. International students from more than 54 countries are studying there.
ASU implements the semester system which is divided into three semesters – spring, summer, autumn in a year. It can grant associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. It has 11 colleges, 12 post-secondary courses, 74 undergraduate courses, 46 master’s courses, four doctoral degrees courses and two expert degrees.


Accounting, agribusiness, agricultural education, agricultural science, animal science, art, athletic training, biological science, biology education, business administration, business economics, business technology, chemistry, chemical education, clinical laboratory science, communication disorders, computer applications , computer science, computer and information technology, criminology, digital media and design, early childhood education, economics, engineering, English, environmental studies, English education, sports science, finance, court school, French, theory of science, geography, graphic communication, graphic design, health promotion, history, interdisciplinary learning, international business, journalism, management, marketing, mathematics, mathematics education, music, nursing, philosophy, physical education teachers, physical, physical education, plant science, political science, printing management, psychology, radio and television, the application of radiation science, social science, sociology, Spanish education, speech communication, speech communication and theater, sports management, technology, science, drama, science, theater arts, vocal performances, etc.


ASU’s main campus is in Jonesboro, northeast of Little Rock, hometown of former President of United States, Bill Clinton. Jonesboro is the fifth largest city in the state, about 57,000 of population, its economic development is relatively fast in recent years, and cost of living is low which is 26% lower than average U.S. expending, a place to study comfortably. The climate is cool and pleasant, the average temperature in July is 28 ℃, January is 7 ℃, annual average rainfall is 1240 mm. Transportation is convenient. Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas airport; Crowley’s Ridge, Arkansas Railway Station, Arkansas Bus Station.

Entry Requirements

  1. Undergraduate: TOEFL over 500 (IBT 61) or IELTS over 5.5
  2. Graduate: TOEFL over 550 (IBT 79) or IELTS over 6.0
  3. High school diploma (for undergraduate) or bachelor degree (for graduate)
  4. School results
  5. Personal script and letters of recommendation
  6. Proof of bank deposits and other funds

Applicants fail to meet language requirement can apply for conditional admission, ELS Language Centre provides intensive English language courses.


US$15,968/ year