boston-college-sBoston is a city full of cultural and academic atmosphere. Boston University (BU) stands in this classic, elegant, romantic cultural ancient city for 156 years, overlooks Harvard, MIT and other schools across the Charles River.

BU was founded in 1839, is the nation’s third-largest private university. It has about 29,800 students from the nation’s fifty states and 125 overseas countries, the total number of international students is about 4,700. BU takes the international and diversified management operation, it attracts students from around the world, and has 8 offices in Asia, Middle East and Europe to enroll outstanding foreign students makes Boston University become a cultural exchange institution in the world.

BU’s campus has advanced facilities, especially its own television station, radio station, Howard Johnson Hotel, great learning places for the College of Communication and the School of Hospitality Management. In addition, BU also offers complete accommodations, Warren Towers is one of the nation’s largest dormitories; Case Athletic Center and Nickerson Square are good places for exercise and workout; Mugar Library, GSU student activities Centre, BU Theatre, BU bookstore, are also the perfect facilities for BU to be proud of.

Campuses are quiet, convenient with subway across the campuses, adjacent to Charles River; BU is a university with an ideal learning environment. In recent years, the number of Chinese students in BU is rising. According to the 1995 survey, the Chinese students was in the third place for BU’s foreign students, just after Japan and Kuwait. However, the number of Chinese students has risen to the first place in 2007.

Colleges and Schools

BU not only has first-class teachers, facilities, it also has complete faculties. It has 18 colleges and schools: College of Fine Arts, College of Communication, School of Education, Goldman School of Dental Medicine, College of Engineering, School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, School of Management, School of Medicine, Metropolitan College, School of Public Health, School of Social Work, etc., including more than 250 different departments. Among them, Metropolitan College is a major feature of BU which is designed for people who need on-the-job training.

Disciplines Strengths

  1. Communication category: enjoy a great reputation, countless excellent alumni, is the nation’s first university to offer public relations course;
  2. Business: School of Management has many well-known alumni, and also reputable for quality of its graduates;
  3. Engineering: BU’s engineering graduates are also welcomed by all companies;
  4. Economics: It was ranked the nation’s top 30
  5. Psychology
  6. Geography

BU is located in downtown Boston, quiet, convenient, overlooks Harvard University, MIT and other schools across the Charles River.

Entry Requirements

  1. Age :16-25;
  2. Education: High School or equivalent;
  3. TOEFL over 550, GPA over 3.00
  4. Physical healthy, good grades, and good personality.
  5. List of costs: Tuition – Undergraduate: US$33,330 / year; Graduate: US$17,560 / Year Living cost – US$12,003 / Year
  6. Application fee – US$200, tuition: $ 33,792 / year, accommodation and meals: US$ 10,480 / year

Scholarship Information

Undergraduate scholarship proportion: 42%
Undergraduate average scholarships: US$26,778
International students scholarship proportion: 13%