california-state-university-est-bay-sCalifornia State University, East Bay (commonly referred to as Cal State East Bay, CSU East Bay, and CSUEB) is a public university located in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area, founded in 1957. It was ranked 4th among the universities in the west region and has 14,000 full-time students.

CSUEB has a large modern library with 80 databases for students to use its services. They can browse books in the library or on the internet. Through the Internet’s blackboard, students can also leave their messages as well as learning materials, such as class schedule checking, online learning, etc. It teaches in small classes, only thirty minutes from the beach away. CSUEB is in Green Bay, free airport pick up service will be provided.


Undergraduate: Main Subjects

Arts (art studio, digital cartography, multimedia, photography, pictorial art, space art), biochemistry, biological science, business administration (accounting, computer information systems, finance, general economics, human resources management, managerial economics , market management, new speculation and small business management, organisation of public relations, product and operations management, marketing, purchasing and materials management, real estate management, telecommunications management), chemistry, computer science (network and data communications, software engineering), justice management, economics, industrial engineering, English (Anglo-American literature, creative writing, cross-disciplinary study of language and literature, language and speech, English literature in the new syntax), environmental science, environmental studies, health science, history, international studies, Kinesiology mass media (advertising, broadcasting, journalism, optical communications, public relations), mathematics, music, nursing, philosophy, physics, psychology, science entertainment, theater (performance, youth theater and dance, creative arts, dance, conductor technology and design), and statistics.

Graduate: Main Subjects

Biological science, business administration (accounting, business economics, computer information systems, administration, finance, human resources management, international business, management, commodity economy, strategic management, tax management, communication management), chemistry, computer science, economics (comparative economics systems, international economics, labour economics, public sector economics), English, geology, health care management, history, kinesiology, marine science, mathematics, multimedia, music, public administration, large-scale operation , sociology, special education (learning disabilities, severe disability), Statistics, taxation, communication systems (computer technology and communication, communication management, communication systems engineering.

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Admission Requirements: Applicants must be high school graduates, higher than GPA 3.0, TOEFL 525 or higher than IELTS 6.5. If performance does not meet the requirements, you must study in the ESL programme first.
Graduate Admission Requirements: Higher than GPA 2.5, TOEFL550 or higher than IELTS 6.5, part of the subjects need GRE (computer, biological sciences, geology) / GMAT (MBA, Taxation and some business subjects need GMAT 500, sub-sections V requires higher than 30% ). TESOL-related professional subjects (such as English, linguistics, language communication) need bachelour degree, and higher than GPA 3.0.


Tuition: Undergraduate US$ 11,000 / year, Graduate US$ 9,000 / year; living expenses about US$ 10,000 / year.

Remarks: All information is for reference only, specific information is subject to the university’s price list and form I-20.