cate-school-sLocation: Kent, Connecticut (neighboring Manhattan)
Religion: American Episcopal
Type of School: Co-ed
Date of Establishment: 1906
Campus: Suburb
Total No. Of Students: 565
Grades: 9-12

About Cate School

Established in 1906, the Cate School is a college preparatory high school with strict teaching systems. The New England Association of Independent Schools recognised it as a leading institution.

Covering an area of 1200 acres, the school has a large campus with a comfortable and safe environment. It mainly enrols students of grades 9-12. The school functions as both a day and boarding school.

Small classes are promoted at the school in order to maximise student results. There are approximately 12 students to a class, and the teacher-student ratio is 1:7.

The Cate School has a lot of teachers with rich experience, strict teaching programmes and plans that are designed to cultivate students’ potential. The idea of the school is simple life, to foster independence. Attention is also paid to foster the students’ quality of Art and Sports, as well as instruction of personality. Students are taught about social responsibility and caring for others.

Admission to Universities

The school has a high enrolment rate, and many students are admitted to famous universities for further study. These universities include Boston University, Bates College, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and Northwestern University.


Tuition (board and lodging included): $39,900 (USD)

Please Note: Fees mentioned above are costs for students per academic year
(9-10 months).

Requirements for Application

SLEP, TOEFL and SSAT results, telephone interview
Date of Application: Up to 15 January
Schooling Period: 2 terms
No. Of AP Courses: 25
ESL Course: Offered

Service Facilities

The school has teaching buildings, computer rooms, an art studio and a playground. There are three dormitory buildings for female students and four dormitory buildings for male students. Basic kitchen tools, such as microwave ovens are available. Teachers stay in the dorms to safeguard the students.

The library has about 50,000 books and 6000 reference materials, as well as a number of shared online data resources.


Baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, basketball, mountain biking, football, climbing, swimming, track and field, and ice hockey.

Route to Arrival

Bradley International Airport