foxcroft-academy-sDate of Establishment: 1823
Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
Convenience: 3-4 hours’ drive to Boston and Portland
Requirements for Admission: SLEP results, interview
Campus Area: 120 acres
Grades: 9-12, boarding, PG, co-ed
Total No. Of Students: 410 students (16% are international students)
Class scale: 16 students per class
Faculty: 62 staffs, 42 teachers
Teacher-Student Rate: 1:9


High school programmes include: English 1-4, Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Latin 1-4, French 1-4, Spanish 1-4, Chinese 1-4, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World Culture, Natural Science, World History, American History, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Sociology, Visual and Performance Art, Economics, Sport, Computer Applications, Multimedia, Webpage Design, Cooking, Music Appreciation, Jazz Band and Ceramic Art.

AP Courses: Biology, Calculus Chemistry, English Literature, Statistics, Art, American History and Physics. Average SAT Score: 1780
ESL Course: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), including primary and advanced courses as well as Natural Science and History.

About Foxcroft Academy

As one of nine private higher education schools established in collaboration with 122 academies, Foxcroft Academy is devoted to meeting the demands of all its students. It can provide popular college preparatory courses for students. There are 124 courses in total, including 32 honours courses and 8 AP courses. Maths and science are featured courses in the school.

Foxcroft Academy provides intensive support to students with academic demands. In August 2008, they built a new student dormitory with an investment of 7 million dollars. The dormitory was completed in June 2009, and students could move into the new building for study and living.

Extracurricular Activities

Skiing, visit Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park.
Hiking, boating, biking, climbing, baseball, tennis, softball, track and race, basketball, rugby, chess hockey and golf.

Admission to Universities

Yale University, Boston University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Purdue University, New York University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Tuition and Incidentals
Tuition: $33,100 (USD)
ESL Language Fee: $2,500 (USD)
Advance Deposit: $1,200 (USD)
Health Insurance: $650 (USD)
Tuition Refund Plan: $1,655 (USD)
Dormitory Security Deposit: $45 (USD)