george-stevens-academy-sDate of Establishment: 1803
Grades: 9-12
Total No. Of Students: 320
Teacher-Student Rate: 1:9
Average No. Of Students: 15 per class
Location: Blue Hill, Maine
Type of School: Co-ed private boarding school
Faculty: 21 full time teachers, 9 part-time teachers, 15 teachers with a higher education background
Nearest Airport: Portland International Airport (PWM), Bangor International Airport (BGR)


George Stevens Academy is filled with energy and provides a broad range of challenging courses so as to promote creativity and encourage students to exert their maximum potential. The teacher-student ratio is 1:9, with small classes of 15 students. This allows teachers to understand the skills and demands of students, and students can get acquainted with, care and encourage each other.

The school provides Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ESL courses and AP courses for international students with different English skills. Academic courses, art shows, independent study or practice plans can be arranged to cultivate the interests of students. Performance art courses include Drama, Dance, Drama Music, Music Theory and Jazz Band. In the past 17 years, the quality of the school’s music education has obtained an excellent reputation. The jazz band has won ten championships since 1989.

Teaching Facilities

There are four main buildings (including 27 classrooms with Internet access), more than 8000 kinds of study materials and leisure readings are available in the library (with 7 computers that can access to Internet). There is a computer centre with 30 portable computers, and students can use Blue-Hill in the library (with 39,000 books) as well as ocean research data in the MERI Centre.

Sport Facilities

Gymnasium, football court, rugby court, tennis count, softball court, hockey court, baseball court, ice hockey court, basketball court, and golf court.


English, AP English Literature, World Literature, News, Business Maths, Science, Linguistics, Art and Computing.

AP Courses (7 preparatory programmes for university entry): English Literature, American History, Human Geography, Calculus, Statistics, Studio Art and Fine Arts.

Sports Activities

Trail running, golf, football, rugby, basketball, sail boat, track and field, wrestling, cheering squad, volleyball, softball, sailing, baseball, tennis, hockey and swimming.

Extracurricular Activities

Indoor music society, small jazz society, national art honor organization, society and organization, on-the spot study in the US, reading club, chess club, maths club, national honor organization, yearbook, international amnesty, civil rights society, environment movement club, French club, Spanish club, student council, school club, outing club, student union, library club, international chess club, maths club, national honor society and performance art.


There are two dormitory buildings for international students. Students can select a single room or a double room. The boarding houses are clean and comfortable, nearby the school and have excellent living facilities, and cable TV in living rooms. Teachers stay with students in each lodging house.