GPA Calculation

gpa-calculationWith the door opening gradually to Chinese students, more and more students and parents care for the international study in the US. Teacher Jiang Fuxin, American advisor with Edu Global recommends that basic information for application to study in American universities shall be mastered before decision made to study in the US.

Why study in the U.S.?

The US is one of the countries with high education quality around the world, which have sound education systems and world famous universities. The course and specialties are attracting global scholars and students like a grand feast. Meanwhile, the advanced education in the US will do good to the vocational development and outlook of students. To study in the US can not only increase knowledge but also expand the eyereach, foster capabilities and improve the competitive power, which are real fortunes for all.

Two Points for Preparation

Many students and parents know little about study in the US, and they think they can handle procedures before going abroad; in fact, the thought will delay the application and the enrollment. In order to reduce the consumption of students and parents in time and energy, Jiang Fuxin, American advisor with Edu Global recommends that two points shall be mastered before going to the US:
1. Date of Application;
2. Necessary exams.

As for the application for undergraduate and postgraduate, the best date of application shall be about one year before the enrollment. Generally the universities will start to enroll in about October with one year advance. For example, as for the enrollment in September 2012, the application shall be prepared in October 2011. At that time, all necessary results shall be ready, it means that before the application starting in October, you still have half a year for preparation and tests.

Then, what are the results required for different items in application?

Undergraduate: two applications namely direct enrollment and double enrollment
Direct enrollment: Provide TOEFL or IELS results; SAT results (if required)
Double enrollment: there are two ways: first, the school applied need language results—TOEFL or IELS results shall be provided; double enrolment no language results required.

Postgraduate: Direct enrollment and double enrollment, there are few universities with double enrollment, students are recommended to meet the direct enrollment as possible as they can.
Direct enrollment: TOEFL or IELS results, GRE or GMAT (depending on specialty)
Double enrollment: TOEFL or IELS results (a littlie lower than direct enrollment); GRE or GMAT (depending on specialty)