A party was organised at our summer camp school before we closed down for the summer and our students returned home for a well-earned rest!

The summer camp included activities that helped develop the physical, mental, psychological, and social aspects of a young student’s life. Our aim was to improve both the immediate and future quality of life for those young people through educational, recreational and cultural activities.

Our summer school students truly immersed themselves in the activities and they had an amazing summer Camp. The students learned so much and they also taught us adults much about laughter, hope and energy. They certainly had a lot of fun to go around! We are grateful to all who contributed to this successful Summer Camp, especially to our volunteers and staff for their commitment to creating opportunities for our young people.

Here listed are a few words from our children:

“I enjoyed the camp, it built my personality, equipped me with skills to deal with problems and mediate peer-conflicts that I face in my school.” – Yuxiao Li (12) from Taiyuan.

“… It has been an enjoyable Summer Camp where we had the chance to interact with our peers and learn new knowledge, information and games that really nourish our mind. We learned about the importance of serving the community and family values as a way of developing a healthy society.” – Xiaolong Zhu (14) from Shanghai.