Notice For Study In The USA

notice-for-studyGPA is the transcripts of students in colleges, which is converted from the results of Chinese centesimal system, as for the application for admission to American universities, GPA is required for most specialities, generally GPA shall be 3.0 or more, otherwise, the students will have no chance. It is certain that GPA is a hardware condition for application, the higher the GPA is, the higher the competitive power will be, here is the calculation of GPA.

GPA Calculation method: the results shall be multiplied by credits and then divided by total credits, take an example with centesimal system, 90-100 is grade A, equal to 4.0, 80-89 is grade B, equal to 3.0, 70-79 is grade C, equal to 2.0, 60-69 is grade D, equal to 1.0, 60 or less is grade F, equal to 0. Here are credits and results of five courses: Course A has four credits, result 92(A), points obtained: 4*4=16; Course B has three credits, result 80(B), points obtained: 3*3=9; Course C has two credits, result 98(A), points obtained: 2*4=8; Course D has six credits, result 70(A), points obtained: 6*2=12; Course E has three credits, result 89(A), points obtained: 3*3=9; GPA of five results: GPA=[(4*4)+(3*3)+(2*4)+(6*2)+(3*3)]/(4+3+2+6+3)=3.00.

Overall GPA is the point calculated from all subjects under the above method; GPA for the last two years is the point calculated from all subjects studied in the last two years under the above method. In the US, the GPA calculation in 90% schools adopts 4.00 scale, 1% adopts 5.00 scale. Namely Grade A result is 5, Grade B result is 4, Grade C result is 3, Grade D result is 2 and Grade F result is 1, and the min requirements for admission to the universities is increased as well.

During the course of application, Chinese students shall provide transcripts according to GPA adopted by the former school with details of GPA. The disadvantageous points for Chinese students are strict assessment on results in Chinese schools, therefore, the converted GPA of most excellent students is less than 3.0, in some universities, the average results of the first five students in a class can reach about 75. However, though the average results of some students reach 80, which still fails to reach 3.0 under the calculation of the above method, it depends on the number of subjects with 90 scores or more and 80 scores or less. In addition, the calculation of GPA differs in China, for example, University of International Business and Economics and Tsing Hua University adopt a conversion method: 90-A, 80-90-B, 70-80-C, but Xiamen University, China University of Technology adopt another method: 80 or more is 4.0, 75-85 is 3.0, 65-75 is 2.0, the GPA mentioned above is higher than that of other universities.

Each school has different methods for GPA calculation, however, you documents submitted will be verified by American universities, and GPA will be calculated again, therefore, though you are going to study abroad, the results in colleges must be emphasized, which is a hardware condition for application, it may not be a bright point, but not a weak.