ohio-university-sOhio University ( OU ) is a public university located in the Midwestern United States in Athens, Ohio, about 120 km from Columbus, capital of Ohio, about 2 hours drive by car, and about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Columbia International Airport, transportation is very convenient. It was founded in 1804,and is the oldest university in the Northwest Territory.

OU is divided into five campuses with nearly 20,000 students, 3,500 are graduate students, of which 2,300 are full-time students. Its Vernon R. Alden Library established in 1804, is one of the 100 largest libraries in the United States for its collection of over 1.6 million units of microfilm material, 11,000 periodical subscriptions and 2 million printed volumes. The library also has good cooperation with other libraries in the U.S., and their networks connect with each other. The library has adopted a comprehensive automation system, about 330,000 lending records each year. Very impressive.


Besides the impressive Vernon R. Alden Library, OU also has very good facilities, it has sports facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, gym room, track and field sport ground, basketball court, volleyball court, etc.! To study in OU, its daily life is also very diversified, besides cultural activities from time to time, there are also shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, sports facilities and restaurants, etc., or go to the neighbouring cities such as Columbus. Outdoor activities are very popular, such as hiking, rock climbing, skiing, golf, camping, etc., are always engaged by the local residents.

OU provides master’s degrees in most of all areas, some areas in PhD, is a comprehensive university. Osteopathic Medicine offers a four-year professional courses, and doctoral degree course.

Photography Department under the College of Fine Arts offers bachelor’s and master’s degree, ranking the nation’s top 15.

National Journal has been rating OU as “excellent value of the universities” each year. U.S. Publish magazine rated OU is one of the country’s top public schools.


Food science, psychology, biology, environmental studies, forensic chemistry, sports studies, physics, geology, business / finance, computer science, information and communication technology, art and design, engineering and technology, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, linguistics, philosophy, law, education studies, industrial research, politics, leisure / recreation management, etc.


OU is located in a safe, warm and beautiful city – Athens City, about 75 miles southeast of Columbus, capital of Ohio, stands on a small hill in the Appalachian Mountains. It is surrounded by rivers, forests and five state parks. The climate with four distinct seasons, hot summer, snowy winter, maple-leafed autumn and moderate spring. This area full of historical atmosphere, and rich social and cultural activities. It is a poetic University with long history.

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate applicants must be high school graduate, TOEFL 550/80, IETLS: 6.5, GPA 3.2


Undergraduate: Tuition US$17,871, living costs US$9,489, total US$ 27,360