US University Orientation

orientationBefore the application for study in the US, a key step for student is to select a proper school, the proper one but not the best, select a proper one for you but not so called famous ones. Here are discussions on how two orient students to proper schools.

First of all, main contents shall be mastered for the orientation:

  1. Master the politics, economics, cultural background, education systems and academic level in the US;
  2. Master overall information of American schools, including history, tuition, schooling period, speciality, faculty, teaching facilities, academic level, total students and so on, especially, you should know how many international students are studying in the school, and how many Chinese students there. In addition, confirm whether the diploma issued by school is accepted or not in China.
  3. Accommodation, traffic, medical insurance and so on
  4. Whether the school has agents for international students in China
  5. Student visa
  6. Whether international students are permitted legally to find a part-time job
  7. Employment of the speciality in the country
  8. Whether immigration is applicable after graduation

With the above information mastered, you can confirm the school and speciality initially. Refer to relevant websites for details of international study or consult in Chine-stationed education center, domestic legal international study agents.
After you find an ideal school, you can write to or E-mail the school for information, and submit you basic information such as age, sex, country, courses (completed or studying); the courses you plan to study, and then you can ask for enrolment conditions and application documents. Special departments will be arrange for international students in foreign schools, so please be waiting for reply with patients.

Specific operation: Find “Search” on the homepage of the school website, input “Request Information”, “Material Request Form” or International Students” for methods access to documents, and then fill the forms, and the school will rely soon. If you find no search service on the school website, you can write down the contact method of (International Students), write an English letter for documents. Generally the documents will be sent to you free of charge, for the school has so many similar letters to deal with, so you have to wait a long time for reply or no reply at all, of course, you may be charged for the documents in some schools.

These are basic information for study in the US, with the above procedures considered; the students can find a proper school and specialty and submit an application in time.