peddie-school-sLocation: Hightstown, New Jersey, neighboring Trenton and Philadelphia
Type of School: Co-ed
Date of Establishment: 1864
Campus: Suburb
Total Students: 530
Grades: 9-12

About Peddie School

The history of the Peddie School can be traced back to 1864. It was the earliest Female Seminary. Since then, it has been changed into a co-ed school. After long-term development and evolvement, it became the current Peddie School. In order to commemorate Thomas Peddie, the Peddie School got its name in 1872. It has passed the certification of MSACS. The Peddie School covers an area of 230 acres, surrounded by lakes and trees, and famous for the graceful accommodation conditions. Hightstown, where the School stands, is located in the east of Princeton, in the middle of New York and Philadelphia, and it is only a one hour-drive to the cultural centre mentioned above.

Admission to Universities

Famous universities, such as Princeton University, Brown University, Columbia University, Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania.


Tuition (board & lodging included): $35,500 (USD)
Incidentals: $4,000-$9,000 (USD)

Please Note: Fees mentioned above are costs of students only per academic year (9-10 months)

Requirements for Admission

TOEFL (iBT 100+); SSAT (2100+), average score: 85+
Date of Application: Up to 15 January for fall intake
Schooling Period: 2 terms
No. Of AP courses: 16

Service Facilities

There are 13 dormitory buildings. Two students usually share one room. The main teaching building contains 23 classrooms, a conference room, computer centre and terraced classroom. There are complete computer facilities, and Internet is available in dormitories, the library and computer centre, which has direct access to the library of Princeton University.

There is a science centre, completed in September 2005, as well as an art centre with a gallery and fine arts studio.

The outdoor sports grounds includes a swimming pool, football court, basketball court, wrestling room, tennis court, multiple courts and golf.
Sports: Football, golf, swimming, tennis, basketball and volleyball.