Priority Applications

priority-applicationsIt is well known that there are many kinds of scholarships for international students, if a student is very excellent; he/she can pay nothing to study in the US. Certainly, the scholarship must be applied, in addition, the soft skills but not so-called high score and moral of students are emphasized in the US, meanwhile, many scholarships are awarded under the principle of “First Come First Served”.

American scholarships are available for all international students, there are restrictions on the applications, however, international students are restricted in the UK and Australia. Therefore, the US has the most scholarships around the world. The American University Scholarships mainly include academic scholarship, loans, economic assistance and grant.

Then in case of the application for scholarships in the US, what are the key capabilities that American universities focus on? Beside the high scores of students, American universities emphasize the soft skills of students. It is very difficult to apply for scholarship for freshman, because your academic records in high school will be checked, such as Hua Luogeng Maths Contest, Hope Star English Contest and so on, in addition, the soft skills of students will be focused on such as strong points, hobby, public activities, therefore, students are recommended to submit an application in grade two for a higher admission rate.

In order for successful application for scholarship, the student shall the scholarship items and requirements for application. Generally due to the high competition in the application for scholarship in the US, as well as the influence of financial crisis, TOEFL shall reach 100 scores or more (GRE1300 scores have competitive force for the application). Certainly the applicant shall understand the conditions for scholarships and ending time of application in advance, many scholarships follow the principle of first come, first served, with all quota used, you will have no chance if you are excellent.