Study and Research with Professor at University of Cambridge/Oxford

Students are supervised by Oxford/Cambridge professors and tutors, who are responsible for answering questions and helping students with their papers. The duration is 10 weeks.

The programme emphasizes the discussion among professors/, tutors and students, exploring unknown fields rather than acquired knowledge. It is a two-way communication, and students have the opportunity and right to fully express their own ideas, rather than just listening to lectures. Students independently complete their literature reading and academic summary, write the paper, receive tutor guidance and carry out revisions, and finally complete the publication. The full text of the thesis is then published (as an independent work).

Programme Advantages / Teachers/ Teaching Platform

I. The Teaching Team quality is high

  1. All teaching professors are serving professors from Cambridge University or Oxford University.
  2. The supervisor is a doctoral student or master student from Oxford University or Cambridge University.
  3. A supervisor is appointed to be responsible for the management of the project and programme
  4. The service will be provided directly by the UK team in Cambridge, with the cooperation of the Chinese team.

II. Small class teaching experience

  1. 10-15 students per class, teacher/student ratio of 1:5
  2. International mixed classes
  3. Free listening (limited quota, depending on the situation)
  4. Good student experience

III. Content is novel and distinctive

  1. The content is based on current issues and topics.
  2. Based on contemporary and bespoke research.
  3. Subject content is constantly reviewed and updated.

IV.Programme outcome and value

  1. Recommendation letter signed by professor
  2. Certificate of completion signed by professor
  3. Project learning report
    (Independently published, first author)