Teacher Professional Development Course held at University of Cambridge/Oxford

Eastwest Education Group in the UK, together with in-service professors from Oxford and Cambridge universities, has organized online a series of professional and career development training courses for Chinese university teachers. The courses are rich, rigorous and complete, covering a large number of cutting-edge theories and technologies across different disciplines. These include computer & communication technology, big data, artificial intelligence, chip design, robotics, industrial design, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, financial capital, economy and finance, new media, psychology, trade and multinational operations, education and public policy, art, etc.

The courses have developed such structured advanced courses for the professional teachers of universities aimed at strengthening the first-class professional instruction in colleges and universities. These courses are designed to be forward-looking and to provide ongoing help and support.

Course design allows for both customized or standard options. Universities can request customized courses according to their own needs in terms of faculty organisation and professional development, and we can also offer standard teacher professional development training courses. Due to the pandemic, all courses are delivered live online. The intellectual property of the courses is owned by the Oxford/Cambridge University lecturers and Eastwest Education Group.

Provisional Teaching arrangements (for reference):

  • Professors from University of Oxford/Cambridge
  • DRs from University of Oxford/Cambridge with many years of experience in education, accompanied the class as a tutor
  • One course every weekend
  • Teaching mode: Live online teaching.
  • Duration: 40 to 80 hours of live online classes.
  • Teaching time: one or two sessions per weekend, or one session per day during holidays. (exact time can be coordinated). No less than 2 hours each session.
  • Class size: No more than 40 students.

Programme Outcomes

  • Academic report and certificate of attendance

We welcome universities to work with us to negotiate and develop course content, course standards and lecture plans.