Six Ways To Apply For Scholarship

six ways to apply for scholarshipStudents in senior high schools or universities are competing for application for scholarship in the US, however, many students who hope to study in the US hesitate due to the excessive fees. In fact, the scholarship in the US is just a way to solve the difficulties in living and tuition of students. Furthermore, there are many scholarships available for students to choose.

1. Classification of scholarship in form

Generally, one type of the scholarship is non-service scholarship, including fellowship, scholarship, tuition wavier and so on. The other service scholarship is awarded under labors, including teaching assistantship and research assistantship, which is awarded through helping and assisting teachers in study.

2. Scholarships available for international students

① Fellowship: it is a non-service financial aid with max amount and severest competition. Generally, the award of fellowship equals to full prize with tuition and incidentals, accommodation costs, insurance and living costs exempted as well as certain individual costs. Such fellowship is usually awarded to students excellent in all aspects, and another advantage of the fellowship is free of tax.

② Scholarship: Scholarship will be awarded to students under certain amount, or taken as an exemption of the tuition. The probability to obtain scholarship is higher than that of fellowship but with fewer amounts, it is taken as an honorable award.

③ Tuition-waiver: the tuitions in universities are divided into in-state tuition, out-state tuition and international student tuition. For excellent students, the tuitions can be charged according to in-state tuition standard, namely exemption of tuition.

④ Research Assistantship & Teaching Assistantship: it is a service pay; the students who obtain the aid have to engage in certain assistant research and teaching work.

⑤ On or Off-Campus Housing Credit or Saving: On-campus housing credit is an exemption of certain accommodation fees provided by the school; off-campus saving is an expenditure saved via low-cost accommodation arranged outside the campus.

⑥ On-campus job: it is also one of the service pay, the students can obtain certain earning through on-campus work provided by school. American Immigration Office prescribes that international students can work legally on campus, with payment $5.15/h at least, 20h per week at most and 40h available in holidays. The campus work include part-time jobs in campus restaurants, bookshops, libraries or health clubs and so forth, or providing assistance in the college administrative offices.

The above mentioned are 6 ways for application for scholarship in the US, and students can apply for the scholarship according to characteristics or capabilities of their own, for it is not only a support in living but also an honor.