st-bernard-prepatory-school-sType of School: Private boarding, high school
Location: Southwest, Alabama
Total No. Of Students: 140
Date of Establishment: 1891
Teacher-Student Rate: 1:8
Tuition: $21,000 USD per year
Grades: 7-12

About St. Bernard Preparatory School

Established in 1891, St. Bernard Preparatory School covers an area of 800 acres. It is located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, in Cullman town, Alabama.

The school enrols students of grades 7-12. St. Bernard’s is a church-based school where the teacher-student ratio is 1:8. Students of grades 7-8 are day students and students of grades 9-12 are either day or lodging students. Currently the school enrols 135 students per year.

Since its establishment in 1891, staff have mastered teaching techniques and they work hard to make full preparation for students’ admission to universities. As a Latin Church school, it was recognised by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It fosters students’ attitudes in responsibility, and encourages them to think independently and express correct and rational opinions of their own. It also provides excellent academic courses, including AP courses and ESL courses, as well as financial aids and 4,000,000 scholarships. The school not only focuses on the students’ study results, but also inspires them to participate in extracurricular activities, so as to enable all students to develop in other aspects.

Teaching Facilities

Scientific experiment building, library, teaching centre (teachers, music rooms), sport centre, baseball court, football and basketball courts, woman softball courts and three tennis courts.


Most students stay in a single room where there are complete facilities, such as landline phones and Internet. There are also computer rooms with TV’s in the dorms.


Football, trail running, baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, dance, cheering squad and softball.

Extracurricular Activities

Sports, music club, scholar bowling, student council, drama club, orchestra. Simulated UN sports: Football, trail running, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, cheering squad, football and dance.