st-croix-lutheran-high-school-sLocation: Minnesota (neighboring Minneapolis and St. Paul)
Date of Establishment: 1958
Total No. Of Students: 450
Language Courses: Offered
Airport: St. Paul International Airport
Tuition: $23,500 USD
No. Of AP Courses: 7
ESL Course: Offered
Grades: 9-12

About St. Croix Lutheran High School

Established in 1958, St. Croix Lutheran High School is a private boarding school that covers an area of 30 acres. It is located in the Metropolitan Area (Twins), Minnesota, and the campus neighbors the beautiful Thompson. Students can experience the diverse urban climate, participate in various art and cultural activities and expand their view of the world.

It has not only beautiful buildings, but also rich scenery. The school is devoted to religion-based schooling, and the overall development of students. The school believes in quality education, and the hardworking teachers, with master’s degrees, are committed to fostering creative thought, consistent study and efficient communication.


Advanced facilities include a large gymnasium, student cafeteria, track and field, cabinets, weight training rooms, wrestling rooms, audio and video rooms, library, multimedia centre, music hall, computer classrooms, a scientific experiment lab, dormitory and an interactive teaching conference centre.


Besides the required courses for students to gain entry to college, many electives are available and selected by students according to their interests. There are 65 kinds of courses and college credit courses. Students can study Art, Music, Religion, Homemaking, Society, Business, Maths, Technology, Sport, Science and Foreign Languages. If 24 credits are obtained, students will be awarded a high school diploma, and the credit obtained shall be 6 at least per year.

Other Courses

The interactive computer programmes provide college-credit courses, such as Homemaking, preparatory courses for TOEFL/SAT/ACT after class, and college preparatory courses such as Maths and English. Required courses and electives include Art, Business, Family Education, Maths, Music, Sport, Religion, Social Study and Foreign Language. Electives include Spanish, Computer Application, Yearbook Production and Publishing, Programming, Efficient Communication and Accounting.