st-marys-school-sLocation: 816 Black Oak Drive, Medford, Oregon
Date of Establishment: 1865
Grades: 6-12
Total No. Of Students: 430
Average Class Size: 18 students per class
Senior Teachers: 87.5%
Teacher-Student Rate: 1:11
International Students: 23

About St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School has been a leading school, in the last three years. It was appraised as one of the best school’s in Oregon. Average SAT scores of students are exceptionally good, exceeding many other schools by a score of around 300.

St. Mary’s is one of the only two schools in the U.S. to hold ISA qualifications. Grade 10 students can participate in ISA testing with students from 40 countries. Most students have previously passed with high scores. In addition, the school provides 17 college preparatory courses. 73% of students passed the courses in high school, which is higher than that of the average level in the U.S.

Located in Ashland, the cultural capital of South Oregon, the school has set up four academies including Art, Education, Natural Science and Social Science.
Subjects of Performance Art and Criminal Detection are of excellent academic reputation. Southern Oregon University has over 6000 students, including 620 international students from 46 countries.

St. Mary’s School is the first school to open Confucius classes in North America approved by China Hanban. Due to the outstanding work in Chinese education, the school was awarded the title of Excellent Confucius Classes/Academy by China Hanban. There are 282 Confucius Institutes and 274 Confucius Classes in 88 countries around the world, only 30 of which obtained the title, and there are two institutes only in the U.S.

No Of AP Courses: 17, including language courses, American History, Maths and Economics.
ESL Course: Offered

Advanced Chinese Course: It is the first school to provide a senior Chinese course for Chinese students in the U.S, and it aims to enable Chinese students to keep the same Chinese language level as that of students in China. The course also attempts to make them ‘international talents’ familiar with Chinese and American situations.

Requirements for Admission

Step A: Application documents submitted, including parents’ statement (Form I), student’s statement (Form II), last two-years academic results (Form III), TOEFL results.

Candidates without TOEFL can apply for language+ high school (double enrolment).

Step B: Telephone interview (please wait to be notified by the school. If admitted, the applicant will receive the I-20 form from the school.

Step C: F1 Visa Application (I-20, Certificate of Deposit, Application Form)
Step D: Notice of Admission, an Admission Agreement will be given to the applicant, who should sign and post the agreement within two weeks.
Date of Enrolment: Fall
Date of Application: Up to 15 July


Tuition/year (Academic Year 2010-2011): $25,950 (USD)
Board and Lodging Expenses and Administration Cost: $13, 850 per year
ESL Course: $4,000 per term
Advanced Chinese Course: $2,000 per term

Campus and Extracurricular Activities

Main Extracurricular Activities include: Golf, skiing, climbing, basketball, volleyball, cycling, hiking, camping, and drama.

In the past 100 years, the school has won many honours and certificates.