st-pauls-school-sLocation: New Hampshire
Type of School: Co-ed
Date of Establishment: 1856
Grades: 9-12
Total No. Of Students: 533
International Students: 17%
Average SAT Score: 2036
Class Size: 10 students per class
Teacher-Student Rate: 1: 5
No. Of AP Courses: 11
SSAT: Required

About St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School is approximately a one-hour drive to Boston and Logan Airport, and about 35 minutes’ drive to Manchester Airport. The school not only a long history, but also high-minded study style and rich cultural air.

There are 2000 hectares of green trees, verdant grassland, and four small clear lakes surrounding the school, where students can enjoy the rich natural environment. The campus covers an area of 8000 hectares; the exquisite environment, beautiful mounts and rivers provide a relaxing atmosphere for all students. In addition, a new sport centre and gymnasium have been built, and students take pride in studying in such a beautiful campus.


There are eighteen dormitory buildings, one health and fitness centre, library, fine arts gallery, two small churches, six performance halls and a world-class astronomy observation centre.

Sport Facilities: There are nine sports grounds, one indoor sports centre, two rinks, two boat houses, ten squash courts, fifteen tennis courts, and one newly built gymnasium which includes a standard athletics-sized swimming pool.

AP Courses

History of Arts, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, French, French Literature, Physics B, Physics C, Spanish and Studio Art.


Every student is required to participate in some sports till graduation and most athletes prove to have above average competence.

Main sports activities include alpine skiing, downhill racing, baseball, basketball, trail running, football, hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, Nordic skiing, squash, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, calisthenics, cycling, golf, skating and swimming.


St. Paul’s School is a boarding school with 500 students and 100 staff. There are eighteen boarding houses of different styles, from decorated style buildings to modern abstract style buildings. Each boarding house has a unique character of its own, and each dormitory keeps students with the same gender. Students of different grades can stay together, or freshmen may stay with students of former years.

The boarding houses have single rooms, double rooms and triple rooms.

Freshmen may stay in a double room with others in the first year. After the first year, the students can select alternative places for accommodation, and determine whether to stay in a double room or triple room. They can also choose the dormitory they like or the teachers they wish to stay with. Landline telephones, voicemails, high-speed Internet and E-mail are available in the dormitories.

Enrolment Times for International Students


Dates for Application

Up to 15 January.

Requirements for Enrolment

SAT or SSAT test results, TOEFL results required for international students.


Tuition (board & lodging included): $42,900 (USD)
Administration cost: $920 (USD)
Other Costs (Estimated): $2,475 (USD)