Standards For Scholarship Assessment

standards-for-scholarship-assessmentHere are details of a student who consults the application for award of scholarship via E-MAIL, any applicant can read the conditions of the student for reference. The following are assessment on my results and award of scholarship. Most maths schools give no assessment, and they think the result is one condition only.

However, some schools disclose the opinions, and you can check your results if you are free, my results:TOEFL 630 GRE 2150 GRA 75/100 (said 3.3/4.0)
USC:We calculate GPA by ourselves
MTU:The admission rate is 10%, all freshmen can obtain scholarship, and most are TA
UCHICAGO: GPA3.3 is enough for students in Tsinghua University, all freshmen can obtain scholarship, and admission rate of Chinese students is 5%.
IIT: Give no scholarship to freshmen
PSU: TES 55, fully recommended
Uregina: Recommend SUB, otherwise, you will have little chance.
UCDAVIS: Do Not waste your time and money
UKANS: TSE 50 is recommended
KSU: GPA3.3 is enough to apply for admission to our college
UCI: if GPA is calculated according Chinese methods, most freshmen can obtain scholarship, recommend re-exam of TOEFL
Ualberta GPA requires 80, Tsinghua University has a sound reputation, you got a high GRE.
NMSU: I have met many students like you
MCGILL:your GPA sound fine, every freshman can obtain scholarship
USASK: You GPA is enough for application
CSU: You got a high score
UC:GPA3.3 is enough
UNT: All Chinese students here can obtain scholarship
UDEL:your GPA is fine
UIUC: No consideration will be given to GPA 80, and the average GPA for students enrolled is 4.0
UWINDSOR:As for GPA 70, get a SUB to increase your chance of admission
Though we know nothing about the student’ specialty, however from the university that he/she applies for, the scholarship can be taken as a reference for students.