the-athenian-school-sLocation: Danville, California (neighbouring San Francisco)
Type of School: Co-ed
Date of Establishment: 1965
Campus: Suburb
Total No. Of Students: 458
Grades: 9-12

About the Athenian School

Established in 1965, the Athenian School aims to promote the complete and overall development of students. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges and a member of the National Independent Private School Association recognised it as a leading educational establishment.

The school covers an area of 75 acres, and it is 36 miles from East San Francisco, where students can make use of the cultural resources, or take trips to the Pacific Ocean coastline and Grand Sierra.

The school has significant and unique teaching plans. It sets courses for grades 6-12, and students of grades 9-12 can choose to lodge. 10% of students are international ones that come from 9 countries. International enrolment and exchanges greatly expand the views of students. Each class has around 15-18 students on average, therefore, teachers have acquainted themselves with the study skills of every student, and encourage them to enter discussions and study actively.

Admission to Universities

Universities in California are a popular choice for students. These include: UC-Los Angeles, UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Cruz, University of Pennsylvania and Brown University.

Fees and Financial Aid(Unit: United States Dollars)

Tuition Incidentals

Tuition Incidentals
Day school: $24,600 $4,000-$8,000
Lodging school: $39,060 $4,000-$8,000
ESL course costs: $4,000-$8,000

Requirements for Application

Enrolment Time: Fall
Date of Application: Up to 09 January
Requirements for Enrolment: SLEP needed, SSAT referenced

Priority will be given to students of grades 9-10, and students of grades 11-12 for admittance to the SSAT & TOEFL examinations.
Schooling Period: 2 terms
No. Of AP Courses: 11
ESL course: Offered

Service Facilities

Four teaching buildings with labs. The newly built library contains 15,000 books.