the-sagemont-school-sDate of Establishment: 1995
Location: Weston, Florida
Neighboring: 30 minutes’ drive to Miami
Requirements for Enrolment: SLEP results, interview
Grades: 9-12
Type of School: Co-ed (300 students; 17 students on average in each class)
Teacher-Student Rate: 1:8


Language Arts, Maths, Differential Calculus Preparation, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Geosciences/ Space Science, Physics, World History, American History, Economics, Philosophy, Geology, Art, Computer Science, Elegant Art/ Artistic Performance, Foreign Languages and Sports.

AP courses

English, English Literature, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Human Geography, American History, American Government, Microeconomics, French and Spanish.

SAT Average Score: 1190 (2 courses).

ESOL Courses: ESOL courses are provided for ESL students.

Sports: Golf, basketball, football, softball, volleyball, tennis, hiking and track and field.


The school aims to provide an educational and exciting environment for students to study. They inspire every student to think, look for and find their maximum potential. The mascot of the Sagemont School is a lion, which is a prestigious animal reputed for being “King of Forest”.

Teaching procedures to foster leaders: The foundation for academic programmes in the school is a strict college preparatory course, including various honors and AP courses. The school is the best one in teaching online through skillful application of network and computer techniques. Meanwhile, the school provides excellent students with specialist courses. At Mountain Peak Academy (the student cannot take part in the MPA project until his or her capacities are higher than the average level of the same grade).

Extracurricular Activities

Maths group, social research group, debate group and drama group as well as excellent sport instructors.

99% of students are admitted to universities such as the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Indiana University, George Washington University, Emory University and Cornell University