the-windsor-school-sDate of Establishment: 1969
Location: Queens, New York
Type of School: Complex private, boarding, high school
Total No. Of Students: 150 students enrolled per year, of whom, 50% are international students coming from 20 countries
Teaching-Student Rate: 1:6

About the Windsor School

The Windsor School is located in Queens, New York. With a flourishing economy and convenient traffic, it is about a 30-minute drive to Manhattan. It was chartered as a private school by the Department of Education in the State of New York in 1969. It obtained a permit from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and had legal qualifications for international student recruitment. Relying on competent faculties and quality education, the school was appraised and chosen to be one of the members of the College Entrance Examination Board and the College Scholarship Service.


The college has an extremely high college admission rate, which is an important factor in assessing the teaching quality of high schools in the U.S. The admission rate of the first fifty universities in the U.S. usually reaches 43%, which cannot be separated from the excellent teaching quality.

A key to Ivy League universities, the school provides outstanding teaching quality, and most students have access to Harvard University, Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Universities with higher teaching quality can be approved to set more AP courses and Honours courses. Compared to 8-12 courses set in general high school, the AP courses in The Windsor School have reached a total of 37. AP courses will give you an advantage in applying for university. Small classes with a teacher-student ratio of 1:6, every student receives more personalised tuition. For the students who have poor results, special teachers will be arranged for individual instruction.

Junior and Senior Courses

Teaching: Before enrolment, students take an English and Maths exam. The students will be arranged in classes according to their English and Maths skills. After a period of intensive English training, the students will start normal academic courses.

Main courses: English, Maths, Computing, History, Science, Fine Arts, Art, French or Spanish, Health Education and Sports. Grade 12 students can take elective courses such as Management, Law and Marketing.

Requirements for Enrolment

Students from junior middle school to senior high school can submit an application. After graduating grade 12, students can apply directly for admission to the outstanding universities in the U.S.

Dates of Enrolment
01 February, 15 March (spring intake), 01 July, 15 September (fall intake).

College Preparatory Courses

College preparatory courses are set to improve and intensify English skills and the specialty level of students. After graduating from senior high school (grade 12), students can apply directly for admission to a university and study the college preparatory courses. Once graduated, students will be awarded a diploma from Windsor School and they can apply for admission to outstanding universities in the U.S.

Main Courses

English, Maths, Science, Commerce and Economics.

ESL English Course: This course is available to students with Beginner, Intermediate or advanced English skills. There will be 3-5 students in a class so as to guarantee the effectiveness of the English programme.