thomas more prep-marian Location: Hays, Kansas
Neighbours: Topeka, Denver
Type of School: Co-ed
Date of Establishment: 1908
Campus: Suburb
Total No. Of Students: 242
Grades: 9-12

About Thomas More Prep-Marian

Located at Kansan, Thomas More Prep-Marian has a strong Catholic background. Judging from geographic location, the school stands at the centre of the U.S. It is 4 hours’ drive to Kansan city and Denver.

Students of grades 9-12 are enrolled via day or boarding status. The school has three ways in which it can achieve its goals: Firstly, to improve the reading skills of students; Secondly, to improve the capability of students to solve problems; Thirdly, to foster modes of conduct conforming to the tenet of Catholicism.

The school is enrols international students of grade 12, and provides a limited number of scholarships for few excellent international students. In 2009, the school awarded more than 1 million dollars to students for scholarships.

Students graduating from the school are excellent in all aspects of admission Approximately 80% of students obtain scholarships at universities.

Admission to Universities

University of Texas, Kansas State University, The University of Wisconsin–Madison and Indiana University.

Fees (2010-2011)

Homestay Accommodation, Tuition, ESL Costs and Living Costs: $25,000 (USD)

Requirements for Application

Enrolment Time: Fall, Spring
Date of Application: Rolling
Application Cost: $100 (USD)
Requirements for Enrolment: SLEP results needed
Schooling Period: 2 Terms,
No. Of AP Courses: 9 Courses
ESL Course: Offered

Extracurricular Activities

Sports played inside or outside the school include: Baseball, football, basketball, golf, volleyball, rugby and the cheering squad.

Main societies include: Design, Music and Sport. At weekends, students will be allowed to participate in excursions, shopping or travel.

Route to Arrival

Students are expected to arrive at Hays Municipal Airport for reception (free of charge). Main international flights to Kansas City and Denver, fly all over the world.