university-of-arts-london-sThe University of the Arts London, is composed of six constituent colleges: Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion and Wimbledon College of Art. These colleges include the following subject areas: Arts, Design, Fashion, Film, Mass Media and Press. After 150 years of development, the University of the Arts London has become Europe’s largest university for these subjects. It has 24,000 from more than 100 countries.
London University of the Arts: Colleges and Courses

The University of the Arts London is composed of six constituent colleges. Each college has its own special courses:

Camberwell College of Arts

Undergraduate courses: Ceramics, Painting, Graphics, Professional Illustration, Painting, Professional Photography, Sculpture and Professional Cultural Relic Protection.

Master’s courses: Book Arts, Digital Arts, Painting, Graphic Design, Professional Illustration, Printmaking, Heritage and International Arts.

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Art, Design and Environment, Design Research, Fashion, Textile Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Media Design and Animation.

Chelsea College of Art and Design

Undergraduate courses: Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Interior and Spatial Design and Textile Design.

Master’s courses: Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Interior Design and Spatial Design, Textile Design, Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice.

London College of Communication

Undergraduate courses: Video Production, Journalism, Photography, Media and Cultural Studies, Sound Art and Design.

Master’s courses: Interactive Multimedia, Journalism, Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography.

London College of Fashion

Undergraduate courses: Fashion Design and Technology, Product Design and Development, Custom Clothing, Fashion Photography, Cosmetic Science, Fashion Promotion, Fashion Management, Performing Costume Design, Performing Arts Make-Up and Performing Special Effects.

Master’s courses: Fashion Design and Technology, Shoe Fashion, Performing Costume Design, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography, Curatorial Fashion, Fashion History and Culture, Strategic Fashion Marketing and Fashion Industrial Design Management.

Wimbledon College of Art

Undergraduate courses: Oil Painting, Sculpture, Print and Digital Media, Theatre Costume Design, Drama Clothing Interpretation, Performing Design, Theatre Design, Technical and Special Effects.

Master’s courses: Painting, Oil Painting, Print and Digital Media, Sculpture, Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice, Performing Visual Language.

Entry Requirements

  1. Application for Foundation:
    1. High school graduate or above;
    2. Completion of an Art Foundation;
    3. Submission of basic artwork (drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, etc.);
    4. IELTS 5.0.
  2. Application for Undergraduate:
    1. Arts specialist or second-year undergraduate degree; UK HND or ND or FD certificate;
    2. Completion of an Art and Design Foundation;
    3. Submission of the relevant portfolio;
    4. IELTS 6.0.
  3. Application for Graduate:
    1. Relevant undergraduate degree;
    2. More than two years work experience in a related field;
    3. Submission of creative work;
    4. IELTS 6.5.

The following Master’s programmes require IELTS 7.0: News Professionals, Interactive Multimedia, Design Studies and Performance Directing.

Well-known Alumni of the University of the Arts London

It would be a very long list to specify all the well-known alumni of the University of the Arts London. Some of them are noted below:

Actor Pierce Brosnan (007 actor), famous Hong Kong actress, Barbara Yung Mei-ling, well-known director Mike Leigh, famous actor Tim Roth, famous actor Ralph Fiennes (who starred in the Oscar-winning best Picture “Shakespeare in Love”), artists Steve McQueen, famous female correspondent Rosie Millard, famous fashion designer Lau Woon, Royal designer Lindka Cierach, sculptor Sir Henry Moore, painter Maggi Hambling, artist Mona Hatoum, well-known documentary filmmakers Molly Dineen, famous reporter and editor Dr. Nicola Leal and pop singer Rachel Stevens.


Continuing Education: Approximately £9,300 per year
Higher Education: Approximately £12,250 per year
Master’s: Approximately £12,250 per year