university-of-idaho-sThe University of Idaho (UI) is a historic four-year public university, well-known for its liberal education. No matter what the students are major in, they have to take some core courses before graduation. The UI’s best discipline is engineering, but other disciplines such as Computer Science, Education and Agricultural Science are also very prominent. UI also has professional courses, including law, dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine. The most popular subjects are: business management (14%), engineering (12%), education (15%), mass media (9%), social sciences (6%). There were 3,133 applications for the past two years, and 2,799 were admitted. It’s quite easy to get into it.
UI’s undergraduate and graduate courses combine theory and practice, the university requests its staff to provide the most updated technological development to students besides teaching. UI has many research institutions such as aquarium research centre, applied thermodynamics research centre, hazardous waste disposal centre, materials science and cutting-edge technology institute, agricultural biotechnology and molecular and research Institute, etc., which can provide staff and students to do the researches together. UI’s library has collection about 2 million volumes, students can access to other libraries in the country via the Internet. The university’s computer centre has 700 computers, so students can have free access to internet and e-mail service.


UI has a total of 154 departments, 9 colleges offer graduate courses, including College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Art and Architecture, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, Natural Resources and Science. A total of 73 Master and 24 PhD courses. UI is just 8 miles away from Washington State University, and there is free shuttle bus between the two schools. UI’s students can pick courses in Washington State University too is one of the UI’s features.
Most of the students in the College of Engineering has outstanding performance in the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam for 14 consecutive years, the average score is 91.3, a lot higher than the national average of 62.8.


UI’s main campus stands in the western hinterland centre, where has rich native American cultural heritage, natural beauty, lakes, rivers, and a national forest park.


UI is located in Moscow, a safe and friendly small town which still maintains the American traditional lifestyle. North Idaho’s mountains and lakes provide a variety of outdoor activities such as skating, boating, golf, rafting and so on. Its Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival attracts jazz lovers from around the world to share their ideas and experiences. Temperatures in the region range from -5.8 to 32.3 C.

Student Services

UI has a large library with 2 million volumes of collection, and keeps many original U.S. government documents. Computer Network Centre offers students free Internet access. Outdoor sports are very famous, ball games, sailing, slope skiing, camping, etc. Dormitories have complete facilities with a variety of theme apartments. The like-minded students from different countries share rooms, so they have more opportunities to understand each other, and improve their English ability rapidly.


About the Scholarships

Established in spring 2010 for Chinese students with full amount, half and a quarter. The scholarships are for undergraduate, master’s or Ph.D., and cover the full period of study (undergraduate 4 years, master’s 2 years, PhD 3 years).

The Number of Scholarships

  • 4 full scholarships (Reduction of tuition about US$10,000 per year);
  • 12 half scholarships (Reduction of tuition about US$5,000 per year);
  • 2 quarter scholarships (Reduction of tuition about US$2,500 per year).

Language Requirements

TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.0


Undergraduate tuition / year US$ 8,770