UK University Selection Guide

university-selection-guideBusiness Management

The most popular postgraduate courses selected by international students in the UK are for Business Management and Finance, accounting for a selected rate of 50% of the total number of courses, far greater than for other courses. Some famous universities are popular choices for students. For example studying Economics in LSE, the University of Manchester, the University of York and the University of Sheffield are also popular choices. They also form some common professions: Management, International Trade, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Investment, MBA and Accounting.


Mainly including Mass Media, Media Management, Film and Television Studies, Film and Television Production, Broadcasting and Editing. Institutes with higher academic standards include Loughborough University, University of Sheffield, Nottingham Trent University, University of Stirling, Goldsmiths and the University of London.

The main purpose of the British professional media courses is to train students’ reverse thinking in television, film, radio, newsletters and other media carriers in the UK and throughout the world through the differences in the communities, especially the cultural differences.


Courses available in Engineering in the UK are divided into vocational courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and MBA courses. Renowned Universities in Engineering include: University of Liverpool, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, Southampton University, Imperial College, University of Glasgow and the University of Nottingham.


UK university rankings in Economics: Nottingham, Bath, Durham, York, St. Andrews, Southampton, Manchester, Queens Belfast, Lancaster, Oxford, Leicester, Essex, Bristol, Aberdeen, Sheffield, Birmingham and Stirling.


British architecture enjoys a high international reputation and status. Famous old universities includes: The University of Sheffield, whose level of architecture teaching and research have a high international academic reputation. Teaching is graded “Excellent” and the level of research is 5 points. The University of Edinburgh, is amongst the top ten in professional architecture.
Professional courses at The University of Edinburgh: Architectural Design, Architectural History and Architecture.

The University of Manchester, Queen’s University Belfast, Leeds Metropolitan University and The University of Wales (Cardiff), also have a high level of expertise in architecture.


British Education courses ranking: Bristol, Sheffield, Cambridge, Warwick, Leicester, Leeds Metropolitan, Exeter, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Bath, King’s College, Keele, Dundee, Goldsmiths College, Queens Belfast, London South Bank, Surrey, Durham, York and Edinburgh.

Computing and IT

University ranking: Cambridge, York, Imperial College, Bristol, Warwick, Oxford, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Southampton, Sheffield, Bath, Lancaster, Nottingham, University College London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Durham, Aberdeen, Royal Holloway, East Anglia, Reading, Glasgow, Newcastle, Queens Belfast and Loughborough.


The University of Manchester is one of the largest universities in the UK. Its Medical School is one of the best in UK. The school offers Medicine, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Ophthalmology, Dentistry and other professional courses. The Medical School of the University of Sheffield also renowned in the British medical profession. Courses include: Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering, Genetic Epidemiology, Human Nutrition, Molecular and Genetic Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Nephrology, Sports Injuries and Sports Medicine, Dental Restoration, and Periodontics. And medical school of Bristol University is also excellent. Courses include: Science and Technology, Transfusion and Transplantation, Health Care, Molecular and Neurological, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.


The UK’s reputation in the international electronic profession is very prominent, its microelectronics design, signal processing, microwave communications, optical communications and other areas are also some of the leading in the world. The University of Southampton, Imperial College, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, University of Sheffield, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Manchester are the most desirable UK universities among international students.


UK prominent Law schools: Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Nottingham, University College, Edinburgh, London, Strathclyde, Manchester, SOAS, Aberdeen, King’s College, Bristol, Dundee, Warwick, Reading, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds Metropolitan, Brunel, Kent, Exeter, Liverpool, Keele, Queen Mary, Sheffield, East Anglia and Cardiff.


Professional elite schools in Tourism and Sports Management: University of Sheffield and the University of Exete.

Professional elite schools for Hospitality: Leeds Metropolitan University (one year paid internship) and Sheffield Hallam University.


Art and design courses have a considerable position in the UK. Arts education in the UK has a long history. Prestigious Art and Design schools include: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design,Leeds Metropolitan University, University of Northumbria at Newcastle and Nottingham Trent University.