Views On Scholarship Assessment

views-on-scholarship-assessmentWith the increasing competition in the application for study in the US, it’s necessary for us to understand the assessment course and award qualification of scholarship in the US, as such, we can make preparations with a definite object in view, only we master the situations of ourselves and opponents, can we succeed in what we do, here are American professors’ views on the scholarship assessment in the US.

It is well known that the award of scholarship to postgraduates (as Fellowship, RA, TA or GA) consider no nationality, sex, religion or race, but give priority to the academic achievements, except some scholarships which are awarded to American students only, most scholarships are awarded to international students. Generally departments, research institutes or academies will establish “Scholarship Assessment Committee” or “Assessment Group”, which consist of department directors (directors, presidents or program principals) and important professors. Normal procedures for application include: the applicant shall mail relevant academic reports, application form, resume and recommendation to relevant office (such as Admission Office) or directly to the departments or institutes, which may vary in different schools.

Generally the clerks in charge of the affairs will collect complete documents of the applicant for initial check, for example, check the authenticity of academic records, efficiency, whether they meet the “general standards” of research departments, if satisfactory, all documents of the applicant will be delivered to relevant departments for examination. After check requirements and all documents are sent to departments and academies, the Assessment Committee or Assessment Group will check forms of the applicants and give comments.

Generally the requirements of departments and institutions are higher than that of the school, whether the applicant will be agreed or given financial aid will depend on the school with suggestions of departments and institutions considered. Generally, the school principals will follow the decisions of departments and institutions. Before the decision to award the scholarship, “selection” will be launched, and even some are selected for interviewing to understand the capability, interest, ideal, ambition, degree for award of scholarship and how to use.

In some schools, with the opinions given by the Assessment Committee, firstly of all, the applicants will be classified into three kinds: (1) top conditions, be certain to award scholarship; (2) medium conditions: scholarship will be considered, if the departments and institutes have additional economic sources; (3) poor conditions, no award of scholarship. Some arrange the applicants in order according to complex conditions of the applicants and opinions of committees. If there are ten quotas of scholarship, the first ten applicants with top conditions will be awarded, the application for admission to famous universities such as Yale, Harvard and Princeton are hot, anyone who has admission permit can access to the fellowship. In some schools, there are rich research funds (such as technology), postgraduate especially doctor classes, as long as the applicants are admitted, they can almost obtain fellowship. In the opinion of professors, due to the difference in fund of departments and institutions, the quota of scholarship and amount will vary. Generally there are few opportunities for award of scholarship, in addition, the grant, compared to increasing tuition and living costs, is inadequate, meanwhile, the students who are awarded scholarship should do some matters. Compared to the scholarship awarded to early students, the fund is very low actually. In a word, in case of the application for scholarship, beside sound conducts, international students shall well communicate with professors, and tell them you need the fund, and establish sound relationship with them (in work or academic research). If he decides to help you to application for the aids in the committee, you will get what you want.

Therefore, after understanding the assessment and award of scholarship for postgraduate in the US, it is suggested that the applicant shall have excellent conditions especially special points, and keep long term contacts with professors, which is just taken as a ceramic, with the time going, you can achieve a lot certainly.