Eastwest Group To Develop International Courses In Partnership With Peking University

partnership-with-pekingAfter continued discussions, the Education and Human Capital Research Centre to the Peking University and Eastwest have reached an agreement regarding establishing overseas internship bases, developing the global education market and training. Both parties will enhance the training and internship exchange programme for international talents, according to the project.

The Training and Use of the International Talents Project

With the rapid development in science and technology, increasingly detailed work distribution in the international world and accelerated pace of the global economy, the objective of the project is to pro-actively connect international resources. It also aims to put internationalisation at the forefront of the key winning factors that guarantees a country’s economy will stand out in a competitive world under a global consensus.

According to the project, those that can adapt to the development of economic globalisation are the international talents who have become a scarce and expensive resource. As The State General Secretary, Hu Jintao said at the National Education Conference on July 13, 2010: “The people we train today will face the international market, international resources and international competition.”

As a consequence of this, a project group has been established by the ‘International Talents Market of China to the International Talents Exchange Association of China’, ‘the Education and Human Resources Research Centre to the Peking University’, ‘The Department of Human Resources & Social Security’ and ‘The State Bureau of Foreign Experts of China’. This will give rise to new interpretations of the content and practice of the international talents training and cultural exchange programme, resulting in promotion and project transfer.

To meet the internship requirements, the research work is mainly engaged in the following aspects:

1) Overseas internship bases

The project team and Eastwest Education Group will work together to set up overseas internship bases. The current bases cover the U.K., U.S., Canada, Japan, Singapore, amongst other countries and regions.

  1. Excellent graduates (or staff) to be chosen by overseas international enterprises for study and internships with long-term plans;
  2. Excellent overseas students (or staff) to be organized by China for study and internships;
    1. Learning cycle: Overseas graduates (or staff), “come to China, understand China, and know the world.”
    2. Overseas graduates (or staff) come to China for study and internships in well-known enterprises or institutions;
  3. International professional studies and training to be implemented;

2) Cultural exchange

The project team actively studies and explores the new exchange models for Chinese traditional culture, domestically and internationally. The exchange is based on the principles of the folk tradition, fully developing the study advantage for Chinese traditional culture, strengthening the cultural exchange domestically and internationally, and carrying forward the Chinese culture.

For more information on the project website of The Education and Human Capital Research Institute, the Peking University, visit: http://www.pkuhci.com/projectAction!getContent.do?id=346&typeid=9